Inspired by nature, I became interested in the architectural detail of flowers, their vibrant color and their moment in time. In my oil paintings, the petals and leaves play within the confines of the painting’s edges, allowing the viewer a peek into the serenity of the garden. These over-scaled floral portraits draw the viewer into the detail of each flower’s anatomy. Chiaroscuro is juxtaposed against the transparency of the flower, aglow with life. In my new collection of paintings, the flowers emerge as self-aware, persuading the viewer to take part in their role in time and in nature. They stand confidently, denying their own vulnerability. These flowers own a delicate strength…

This collection of paintings reveals the remembrance of past experience as oneness with nature. My aim is to awaken the visitor into the realization of one’s own existence within nature’s grand scheme, while acknowledging that relationship with nature. The scale of my work is reminiscent of early childhood, of being among the flowers in the garden, surrounded by their silently growing presence. Early memories are of being part of my surroundings and discovering hidden spaces within the garden which exist as different worlds of their own. The viewer returns to that feeling in childhood when one was physically and spiritually closer to nature, not because of searching, but simply by being. I wish to transport the viewer to childhood memories in order to retrieve associations and to form a renewed connection with the Earth. Once again, we become a part of the garden itself as these paintings remind us to notice every detail of what is living.

My paintings signify more than a mere representation of the literal, the flowers call our attention to their importance within nature’s grand scheme… as parts of a whole, as an example of time. My hope is that these paintings will encourage the viewer to discover a sense of oneself as part of a larger whole, as nature’s gestalt. Those who participate in the experience of these paintings are invited to attain an awareness of nature’s totality… in which all of life’s details play a part.

With a full scholarship and a BFA 1991 from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, I had the privilege of studying under the instruction of professors and artists such as Jack Whitten, Pat Colville, Barbara Rogers, Dore Ashton and Sue Gussow… including extensive study of Old Master painting techniques under the instruction of Gian Berto Vanni. I have enhanced my education by travelling through Italy and France with detailed notes from my studies of Renaissance Art, High Renaissance Art, and Baroque Art and Architecture with art historian and author, the late Professor Dale Harris.

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